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QString KDarConfig::cleanPath ( const QString &  path  )  [static]

Removes multiple slashes from the path.

Definition at line 428 of file kdarConfig.cpp.

Referenced by buildDarCommandLine(), KDarThread::buildDirectoryMaskFromListView(), cleanPath(), setArchiveName(), setArchiveStorageDirectory(), setCompressionMaskList(), setDiffArchiveDirectory(), setDifferentialBackupArchiveName(), setDirectoryMaskList(), setDirectoryToBackup(), setExtractArchiveDirectory(), setFileMaskList(), setInputPipe(), setIsolationArchiveName(), setLogFile(), setNewArchiveName(), setOutputPipe(), and kdarView::slotArchiveCreate().

    //Leave trailing slashes as they are?
    //This removes trailing slashes...
    bool emptyString = path.isEmpty();
    if ( emptyString )
        //Return the empty path.
        return path;
        return QDir::cleanDirPath( path );

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