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QString KDarConfig::archiveStorageDirectory (  )  const

Returns the default archive storage directory.

Definition at line 871 of file kdarConfig.cpp.

Referenced by buildDarCommandLine(), fillInDialog(), KDarConfig(), operator=(), kdarView::optionsPreferences(), kdarView::readProperties(), kdarView::slotArchiveCreate(), and writeGlobalSettings().

    //If we have an empty string, leave it alone
    //This allows KDar to prompt the user for a default directory
    //when starting for the first time.
    if ( m_archiveStorageDirectory.isEmpty() ) return QString( "" );
    //Otherwise, make sure we have a trailing slash:
    if ( m_archiveStorageDirectory.endsWith( "/" ) )
        return m_archiveStorageDirectory;
        return m_archiveStorageDirectory + "/";

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