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KDarConfig Class Reference

#include <kdarConfig.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

KDar configuration class.

A configuration class/dialog for KDar.

Johnathan K. Burchill, jkerrb@users.sourceforge.net

Definition at line 45 of file kdarConfig.h.

Public Slots

void activateHelp (void)
virtual bool BZ2Compression () const
virtual void newCompressionFilter ()
virtual void newDirectoryFilter ()
virtual void newFileFilter ()
void setMediaSize (int)
virtual void slotAllowOverwrite (bool)
virtual void slotArchiveName (const QString &)
virtual void slotArchiveStorageDirectory (const QString &)
virtual void slotChangePassword ()
virtual void slotCompressionAlgorithmBZip2 (bool)
virtual void slotCompressionAlgorithmGZip (bool)
virtual void slotCompressionAlgorithmNone (bool)
virtual void slotCompressionLevel (int)
virtual void slotCompressionMaskList (const QStringList &)
virtual void slotCompressionMaskType (int)
virtual void slotCryptoAlgorithm (int)
virtual void slotCryptoBlockSize (int)
virtual void slotDirectoryMaskList (const QStringList &)
virtual void slotDirectoryMaskTypes (const QStringList &)
virtual void slotEditCompressionFilter ()
virtual void slotEditDirectoryFilter ()
virtual void slotEditFileFilter ()
virtual void slotExecuteCommand (const QString &)
virtual void slotExecuteRef (const QString &)
virtual void slotFileBrowserFont (const QFont &)
virtual void slotFileMaskList (const QStringList &)
virtual void slotFileMaskType (int)
virtual void slotFirstSliceSizeString (const QString &)
virtual void slotFirstSliceSizeSuffix (int)
virtual void slotFlatRestore (bool)
virtual void slotGeneralFont (const QFont &)
virtual void slotHourShiftInt (int)
virtual void slotIgnoreDump (bool)
virtual void slotIgnoreID (bool)
virtual void slotInputPipe (const QString &)
virtual void slotKDarSplashScreen (bool)
virtual void slotKeepPruned (bool)
virtual void slotLogFile (const QString &)
virtual void slotLogLevelBasic (bool)
virtual void slotLogLevelFull (bool)
virtual void slotLogLevelNone (bool)
virtual void slotMedia (int)
virtual void slotMessageWindowFont (const QFont &)
virtual void slotMinimumCompressionSizeInt (int)
virtual void slotNewCompressionFilter ()
virtual void slotNewDirectoryFilter ()
virtual void slotNewFileFilter ()
virtual void slotNoDelete (bool)
virtual void slotOutputPipe (const QString &)
virtual void slotPassRef (const QString &)
virtual void slotPauseBetweenSlices (bool)
virtual void slotRaiseWidgetStack (const QString &)
virtual void slotRemoveAllCompressionFilter ()
virtual void slotRemoveAllDirectoryFilter ()
virtual void slotRemoveAllFileFilter ()
virtual void slotRemoveCompressionFilter ()
virtual void slotRemoveDirectoryFilter ()
virtual void slotRemoveFileFilter ()
virtual void slotRestoreRecent (bool)
virtual void slotSliceSizeString (const QString &)
virtual void slotSliceSizeSuffix (int)
virtual void slotSplitArchive (bool)
virtual void slotStatusBarFont (const QFont &)
virtual void slotStorePassword (bool)
virtual void slotSystemEA (bool)
virtual void slotUpdateCompressionMaskList ()
virtual void slotUpdateDirectoryMaskList ()
virtual void slotUpdateFileMaskList ()
virtual void slotUseCreateArchiveWizard (bool)
virtual void slotUserEA (bool)
virtual void slotVerbose (bool)
virtual void slotWarnOnOverwrite (bool)
virtual bool strongCrypto () const
virtual bool ZCompression () const


void changeWalletPassword ()
void compressionMaskListChanged ()
void configChanged ()
void directoryMaskListChanged ()
void fileMaskListChanged ()

Public Member Functions

bool allowOverwrite () const
QString archiveName () const
QString archiveStorageDirectory () const
QString buildDarCommandLine (KDar::libdarCommand command)
int compressionAlgorithm () const
int compressionLevel () const
QStringList compressionMaskList () const
int compressionMaskType () const
int cryptoAlgorithm () const
int cryptoBlockSize () const
QString diffArchiveDirectory () const
bool differentialBackup () const
QString differentialBackupArchiveName () const
QStringList directoryMaskList () const
QStringList directoryMaskTypes () const
QString directoryToBackup () const
void disableBZ2Compression ()
void disableCompressionModule ()
void disableStrongCrypto ()
void disableZCompression ()
bool dryRun () const
QString executeCommand () const
QString executeRef () const
QString extractArchiveDirectory () const
QFont fileBrowserFont () const
QStringList fileMaskList () const
int fileMaskType () const
QString firstSliceSizeString () const
QStringList firstSliceSizeStrings () const
QValueList< int > firstSliceSizeSuffices () const
int firstSliceSizeSuffix () const
bool flatRestore () const
QFont generalFont () const
KConfig * globalConfig () const
void hideCreateArchiveWizardCheckBox ()
void hideKDarSplashCheckBox ()
int hourShiftInt () const
bool ignoreDump () const
bool ignoreID () const
QString inputPipe () const
QString isolationArchiveName () const
 KDarConfig (const KDarConfig &)
 KDarConfig (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, KDarConfig *kdarConfig=0, bool addHelpButton=false)
bool keepPruned () const
libdar::et_mask libdarCreateCompressionMask ()
libdar::et_mask libdarCreateDirectoryMask ()
libdar::et_mask libdarCreateFileMask ()
libdar::infinint libdarFirstSliceSize ()
libdar::infinint libdarSliceSize ()
QString logFile () const
int logLevel () const
int media () const
QString mediaText () const
QFont messageWindowFont () const
int minimumCompressionSizeInt () const
QString newArchiveBasename () const
QString newArchiveName () const
bool noDelete () const
void operator= (const KDarConfig &kdc)
QString outputPipe () const
QString passRef () const
QString passwordString () const
bool pauseBetweenSlices () const
bool readGlobalSettings ()
bool restoreRecent () const
void setAllowOverwrite (const bool allowOverwrite)
void setArchiveName (const QString &archiveName)
void setArchiveStorageDirectory (const QString &archiveStorageDirectory)
void setCompressionAlgorithm (const int compressionAlgorithm)
void setCompressionLevel (const int compressionLevel)
void setCompressionMaskList (const QStringList &compressionMaskList)
void setCompressionMaskType (const int compressionMaskType)
void setCryptoAlgorithm (const int algorithm)
void setCryptoBlockSize (const int cryptoBlockSize)
void setDiffArchiveDirectory (const QString &diffArchiveDirectory)
void setDifferentialBackup (const bool differentialBackup)
void setDifferentialBackupArchiveName (const QString &differentialBackupArchiveName)
void setDirectoryMaskList (const QStringList &directoryMaskList)
void setDirectoryMaskTypes (const QStringList &directoryMaskTypes)
void setDirectoryToBackup (const QString &directoryToBackup)
void setDryRun (const bool dryRun)
void setExecuteCommand (const QString &executeCommand)
void setExecuteRef (const QString &executeRef)
void setExtractArchiveDirectory (const QString &extractArchiveDirectory)
void setFileBrowserFont (const QFont &fileBrowserFont)
void setFileMaskList (const QStringList &fileMaskList)
void setFileMaskType (const int fileMaskType)
void setFirstSliceSizeString (int medium, const QString &firstSliceSizeString)
void setFirstSliceSizeStrings (const QStringList &)
void setFirstSliceSizeSuffices (const QValueList< int > &)
void setFirstSliceSizeSuffix (int medium, const int firstSliceSizeSuffix)
void setFlatRestore (const bool flatRestore)
void setGeneralFont (const QFont &generalFont)
void setGlobalConfig (KConfig *kconfig)
void setHourShiftInt (const int hourShiftInt)
void setIgnoreDump (const bool ignoreDump)
void setIgnoreID (const bool ignoreID)
void setInputPipe (const QString &inputPipe)
void setIsolationArchiveName (const QString &isolationArchiveName)
void setKeepPruned (const bool keepPruned)
void setLogFile (const QString &logFile)
void setLogLevel (const int logLevel)
void setMedia (const int media)
void setMessageWindowFont (const QFont &messageWindowFont)
void setMinimumCompressionSizeInt (const int minimumCompressionSizeInt)
void setNewArchiveBasename (const QString &newArchiveBasename)
void setNewArchiveName (const QString &newArchiveName)
void setNoDelete (const bool noDelete)
void setOutputPipe (const QString &outputPipe)
void setPassRef (const QString &passRef)
void setPasswordString (const QString &passwordString)
void setPauseBetweenSlices (const bool pauseBetweenSlices)
void setRestoreRecent (const bool restoreRecent)
void setShowKDarSplashScreen (const bool showKDarSplashScreen)
void setSliceSizeString (const QString &sliceSizeString)
void setSliceSizeSuffix (const int sliceSizeSuffix)
void setSplitArchive (const bool splitArchive)
void setStatusBarFont (const QFont &statusBarFont)
void setStorePassword (bool storePassword)
void setSystemEA (const bool systemEA)
void setupCreateConfig ()
void setupRestoreConfig ()
void setUseCreateArchiveWizard (const bool useCreateArchiveWizard)
void setUserEA (const bool userEA)
void setVerbose (const bool verbose)
void setWarnOnOverwrite (const bool warnOnOverwrite)
bool showKDarSplashScreen () const
QString sliceSizeString () const
int sliceSizeSuffix () const
bool splitArchive () const
QFont statusBarFont () const
bool storePassword () const
bool systemEA () const
void updateGUI ()
bool useCreateArchiveWizard () const
bool userEA () const
bool verbose () const
bool warnOnOverwrite () const
bool writeGlobalSettings ()
virtual ~KDarConfig ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QStringList cleanPath (const QStringList &paths)
static QString cleanPath (const QString &path)

Protected Slots

void slotHelp ()

Protected Member Functions

void fillInDialog ()
void fillListView (QListView *, QStringList)
void loadDirectoryFilters ()
void makeDirectoryQStringLists (QListView *listView, QStringList &directories, QStringList &types)
QStringList makeQStringList (QListView *listView, int column=0)

Protected Attributes

bool m_allowOverwrite
QString m_archiveName
QString m_archiveStorageDirectory
int m_compressionAlgorithm
kdarCompressionFilterDialog * m_compressionDlg
int m_compressionLevel
QStringList m_compressionMaskList
int m_compressionMaskType
int m_cryptoAlgorithm
int m_cryptoBlockSize
bool m_differentialBackup
QString m_differentialBackupArchiveName
kdarDirectoryFilterDialog * m_directoryDlg
QStringList m_directoryMaskList
QStringList m_directoryMaskTypes
QString m_directoryToBackup
QString m_executeCommand
QString m_executeRef
QFont m_fileBrowserFont
kdarFileFilterDialog * m_fileDlg
QStringList m_fileMaskList
int m_fileMaskType
QString m_firstSliceSizeString
int m_firstSliceSizeSuffix
bool m_flatRestore
QFont m_generalFont
int m_hourShiftInt
bool m_ignoreDump
bool m_ignoreID
QString m_inputPipe
KConfig * m_kc
bool m_keepPruned
QString m_logFile
int m_logLevel
int m_media
QFont m_messageWindowFont
int m_minimumCompressionSizeInt
QString m_newArchiveName
bool m_noDelete
bool m_nodialog
QString m_outputPipe
QString m_passRef
bool m_pauseBetweenSlices
bool m_restoreRecent
QString m_sliceSizeString
int m_sliceSizeSuffix
bool m_splitArchive
QFont m_statusBarFont
bool m_storePassword
bool m_systemEA
bool m_useCreateArchiveWizard
bool m_userEA
bool m_verbose
bool m_warnOnOverwrite

Private Attributes

bool m_BZ2Compression
QString m_diffArchiveDirectory
bool m_dryRun
QString m_extractArchiveDirectory
QString m_isolationArchiveName
QString m_newArchiveBasename
QString m_passwordString
bool m_showKDarSplashScreen
bool m_strongCrypto
bool m_ZCompression
QStringList mediaFirstSizes
QValueList< int > mediaFirstSuffices
QStringList mediaNames
QStringList mediaSizes
QValueList< int > mediaSuffices
QStringList statusBarMediaNames

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